Artist Statement

          “Your artwork is a visual expression of your authenticity.”Nicholas Wilton

   “From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.”Arthur Ashe

            “Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world.”Brene Brown

     My artwork has a wide variety of forms, which makes me a multipotentialite. Some of the forms of my artwork include abstract and nonrepresentational painting, mixed media  collage, urban sketching, window painting, and making miniatures. My work is created by an intuitive process which is a blend of my faux finish background (which I did for 14 years exclusively) my desire to create tiny portals of realism, and the foundational skills I learned in art school.

      I love to use a variety of mixed media. My miniatures are made from wood, resin, paper, foam, etc., and I use recycled materials as often as possible. My paintings include working on wood panel, paper, or canvas with acrylic paint, glazes, stains, oil/chalk pastels, and pencil. I sometimes collage with bits of found paper from vintage books, old postage stamps, & antique ledgers.  I like to use texture, script and loops, house shapes, quatrefoil shapes, and geometric patterns in my abstract and non representational art. A theme of natural shapes versus geometric shapes often shows up in my paintings.

      When I sketch from life, I try to get as much information down as I can quickly. When I do my window painting I have fun with brightly colored designs and enjoy giving personality to each painted character & elements.  All of my artwork is a combination of  my thoughtful moments during the creative process, it is a gift that I enjoy sharing in many different ways.

-Kelly Brown